How to Meditate Easily, Effectively & Deeply

Do you think meditation is hard, or hard to get round to? The instructions in this book make it easy.

Do you wonder if you’re getting the best out of your meditation? Here you’ll find advice—as handed down from the great Tibetan meditation masters but presented free of religiosity and cultural bias—that will ensure you’re making the most effective use of your time.

Do you want to go deeper in your meditation? This book gives you the understanding required to make sure that you’re not limiting yourself.

How to Meditate Easily Effectively and Deeply gives you all the essential points for a satisfying meditation practice, along with some great tips for integrating meditation into your life, establishing a daily meditation practice and finding a teacher. The book includes many evocative guided practices—including healing meditation, walking meditation and mantra meditation. Beginners will find a comprehensive education and guide, and experienced meditators will find many useful tips and an opportunity to check that they understand the vital points for effective practice.

The book includes a foreword by Dr Ian Gawler of the Gawler Cancer Foundation.

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