I love helping authors express, sculpt and share their stories.

I believe that everyone has a unique story and that every story has value. But it’s not easy to write a quality book. Every author needs professional help, and I’m here to help you make your book the best it can be.

I can strengthen your voice, support your vision and can even assist you all the way to publication.

I care about your book, and I care about you.
I know what it’s like to have written a book and not know if it’s good enough to publish. You might feel scared to show it to a professional in case they change your story beyond recognition or squash your creativity, but I don’t do that. I never forget that it is your story.

I can help you express your story clearly and shape it into a professional product.

Hi, I’m Tahlia

I’ve written and published many great stories, and I’d like to help you do it too.

I love helping others express themselves and make their stories shine.

“For the symbolic amount I paid, I probably should have got a pat in the back and a kind word.  Instead, I got an amazingly well-rounded, professional and courteous service.  With just a few remarks, Tahlia had pointed out everything that could be improved in my writing style.  Not only was every comment spot-on, she was also very nice about it and actively supported and encouraged my efforts.” Nicholas Rossis.


My story:

My first attempt at writing my YA fantasy novel Lethal Inheritance wasn’t great. So I spent 5 years full time studying writing and editing, got professional help with my manuscript, rewrote the book 7 times and did 27 edits. When I finished it was so good that an agent picked it up. All four books in The Diamond Peak Series were first published with an American publishing company along with You Can’t Shatter Me, a novel that empowers victims of bullying.

My next book World Within Worlds was so unusual in style (magical realism with multiple narrative threads) that I created my own publishing company and learned to be a publisher. Publishing others grew from my desire to help my editing clients get the benefits of self-publishing while avoiding the pitfalls.

How I can help:

  • Manuscript appraisals – I read your book and give feedback on the big elements such as plot, pacing, character, dialogue, world-building and so on.
  • Line edit – I clarify your meaning, strengthen your voice and make your words flow.
  • Copy edit – I check grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Proofread – A before-publication check for anything missed at the copy edit stage.
  • Publishing – I’m the managing editor for AIA Publishing. If I really love your book, I might offer to publish it!


“Thank you so very much for your appraisal. Your combination of encouragement, critique and teaching is motivating me to improve my writing and giving me specific tools to do it. I’m confident that I’ll be making an important leap forward as a direct result of your work, and I can’t thank you enough for that.” Don Thompson

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Is your book the best it can be? Or is there room for improvement?

I can help you make it better.

I don’t just edit your book, I teach you to be a better writer. I tune into your intentions to help you achieve your aims and speak with your voice. I’m sensitive to your feelings, highly ethical and pretty hard to annoy.


Tahlia Newland’s editing services are excellent. Her advice is smart, decisive, and no-nonsense—hallmarks of a seasoned professional, certainly.  She identified the weaker areas in my prose and suggested simple but important fixes to turn a pretty good novel into a great one. I have worked with other fine editors in the past, but Tahlia’s line-editing service was the best investment to date. I will definitely seek her wisdom again.” Bonnie McKernan, author of Cliff of the Ruin.

Am I the Right Editor For You?

“My journey would have been more enlightening and less expensive if I had met you first!” Ken Decroo, author of Almost Human.

“I submitted the first draft of my first book to Tahlia with some anxiety. The feedback I received was honest, respectful and empowering. I felt supported by a caring, highly skilled professional. Tahlia has taught me how to enrich my writing and has given me confidence to continue with a second book – a valuable and satisfying investment.” David Kerr, author of Out of Latvia.

“Not only does Tahlia identify the weakness in my writing (while all the time giving me great support for the overall project), but she actually works to teach me how to remedy the issue for future works. Submitting my novels to Tahlia has been the single best choice I’ve made for online writing services in my career. I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough.” Welcome Cole.

“Tahlia is an excellent editor who line-edited my epic fantasy novel and gave a careful eye to all aspects of the project — besides a laudable command of language and grammar, she has a great sense for pacing, voice, characterization, and overall storytelling dynamics, with attendant critiques and suggestions that are thoughtful and reveal a careful reading and engagement of submitted material. Overall, she’s very professional, a clear communicator, charges very fair rates for the amount of work she does, meets all deadlines well ahead of time, and proactive in ensuring that all commissioned editorial work meets the highest of standards — I look forward to working with her again on my next book and would heartily recommend her to anyone in need of best-in-class editorial or line-editing services!” Todd P. Upton

“Tahlia’s line-editing was impressive in detail, scope and clarity. The manuscript I sent in came back profoundly better. No questions for me – all my editing will go to Tahlia!” J.M. Erickson, author of Intelligent Design: Revelations & other books.

“The best decision I made was hiring Tahlia Newland as my editor. Our relationship has grown to where I think of her as my mentor. My work has improved immensely since working with her.” Kenneth L. Decroo, author of the Almost Human Series. 

“Tahlia Newland did a superb job editing my first two novels, which are part of a historical fantasy series. She knows how to help an author improve the writing at the moment-by-moment level, to make the reader’s experience more engaging and powerful. But her skills go beyond line- and paragraph-level editing. She’s also expert at the concept level, at helping the author tell a better story.” A. Roy King. 

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