Hi. I’m Tahlia Newland.

Welcome to my web home.

I'm dedicated to living in peace and clarity and helping you do the same.

My blog articles help you directly with happiness hints and support and inspiration for meditation, whereas my fiction shows how to use the skills learned in meditation in your daily life.

Think that sounds dull? I assure you , it's not.
With a light touch, I mix reality, fantasy, action and romance into transrealist genre-bending experiences. Several of my books have won mutliple awards, so you can be sure they're great reads.

My visionary novels bring you a lot more than just a great story; they show you how you can use the power of your mind to handle even the worst of life's challenges, and in some places - if you're open - can even help you experience peace and clarity directly.

My stories have real magic!

And so do my masks. How? They're representations of your noble self, the spiritual warrior in you, your innate wisdom and compassion.

What about my my editing services?
Simple: I help you be the best writer you can possibly be.

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