Hi I’m Tahlia Newland

I write real magic and help others to express themselves in words and share their stories with the world.

My multi-award-winning stories mix fantasy, reality, metaphysics, action and romance into transrealist genre-bending experiences.

My visionary novels bring you a lot more than just a great story; they show you how you can use the power of your mind to handle even the worst of life’s challenges, and in some places – if you’re open – can even help you experience peace and clarity directly.

As an editor, I help you be the best writer you can possibly be. I strengthen your voice, support your vision and can assist you all the way to publication.

On my blog you’ll find book reviews, writer’s tips, contemplative articles on meditation and working with your mind, and occaisonally pictures of my Burmese cats.

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I do a lot of community work involving blogging and general support for Buddhist students processing revelations of abuse in their spiritual communities.  Please consider supporting me to continue this work.

Occiasonally, when inspired and not too busy with community work, I make masks.

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